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You are making reservations for The Nature Conservancy of Texas / Gulf Oil Spill .

HOPEtels is essentially a travel agent, and when you make air, car and hotel reservations we donate e 80 percent of our commissions to the non profit you have selected, The Nature Conservancy of Texas / Gulf Oil Spill .

The other 20 percent goes to HOPEtel's non profit to handle marketing and administrative costs.

Commissions vary widely between Orbitz,, and reservetravel, but the room rates are almost always identical.

EVERY website offers a price match guarantee.

The average contribution from the Orbitz, Priceline, and Travelocity is 2% to 4% is also 2% to 4% but they do not pay on air and car reservations.

THE highest contributions for The Nature Conservancy of Texas / Gulf Oil Spill come from

Step 1 is to click on the logo below and find a few Inns you like.

Then you click here to see if they accept gift certificates.

If they do, make your reservation and click on the logo below to purchase

your gift certificates.

If they do not take the certificates, go back to step 1.

It's a little extra work, but you are helping

The Nature Conservancy of Texas / Gulf Oil Spill .

And you are getting a tax deduction!!

Using gift certificates is much more important than online reservations.

The certificates generate 16 percent and the online reservations generate 4 percent.

Don't forget Christmas is coming and gift certificates make a great gift !!

The best way to maximize your contribution and stay in a Hotel or Motel is to book through Just fill out the form below and book your reservation. You will generate between 6 % and 16 % for The Nature Conservancy of Texas / Gulf Oil Spill .

Reserve Travel rates are money back guaranteed to be the lowest on the internet and the donations are the highest of the hotel and motel sites we link to from HOPEtels.

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