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The goal of is to gather a small portion of the $ 800 Billion dollars a year that is spent on travel and direct it to nonprofits like Dactyl Foundation

HOPEtels is a travel agent, but we do not charge any fees. And we give 80 percent of our commissions to non profits.

Every reservation you make is guaranteed to be the lowest you can find.

The next time you make travel plans, including air and car rentals, come back to this page and use one of the logos on the left to make your reservation.

Every time you do, a percentage of your reservation will go to Dactyl Foundation

The more stars under the logos, the more goes to Dactyl Foundation . We rated the lowest because they are the slowest to pay and unlike the rest of the websites they do not pay commissions on Air Fares or Car Rentals.

Click here to find out how to maximize your contribution.